Born in Turin, Italy in November 1976, Cosimo Maffione earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Turin. Upon completion of a Master’s degree in Public Policy at the University of Turin. Cosimo specialized in public engagement projects and participatory planning initiatives in a variety of contexts, with particular focus on public policy towards the urban periphery.
Thanks to the support of Luisella d’Alessandro in 2007 Cosimo launched his professional photography practice, which includes event and film photography. In addition to commercial photography, Cosimo pursues social and cultural reportage-style projects.
In 2012 Cosimo organized Torino Magnum Days, a widely recognized exhibition hosted by Magnum Photo. That same year he left for the United States on a reportage project of wine producers in various American cities. He stayed on in New York to work with Christopher Anderson (New York Magazine – Magnum Photo) and Alex Majoli (Newsweek – Magnum Photo).
Cosimo is currently based in Turin where he works as a freelance photographer on commercial and reportage projects.




2011: “Lo stadio che cambia il calcio”, Via Lagrange, Turin
2010: “Lo stadio che cambia il calcio”, Politecnico di Turin
2010: “Tienda la Providencia”, Ivrea Foto Festival, Ivrea
2008: “Le città invisibili”, Circoscrizione V, Turin
2008: “Ciudades – Periferias del mundo: entre espacios fisicos y dimensiones humanas”
            MARTE (Museo de Arte de El Salvador – San Salvador) – Ministero degli Affari esteri – Ambasciata italiana in Salvador
2007: “Barriera Fragile”, Art Gallery Meet-work, Turin




2011: “Lo stadio che ha cambiato il calcio” Ed. Priuli & Verrucca (2011)
2009: “Barriera Fragile” – Ed. Caritas Italia (2009)
2006-2007: “EatOut” guida alla ristorazione – (G- Quadro Communication s.r.l. – Roma – Italia)




Duel, D Repubblica, Repubblica XL, La Stampa,




Nike Inc., MyBossWas, La Presse S.p.A, MtvItalia (MTV days Turin 2010,2011, 2012 official photographer), Fiat Group, Juventus F.C., Mir Cinematografica (set photographer), Guinness, DM Group, Comune di Torino, Caritas, Alpitour, Unipol, Ducati, Assicurazione Generali, Agenzia Modo, BRM Italia, Emergency, Quadro Communication S.r.l., Ass. Culturale Manamanà, Indiewineries, Algida, Eggers 2.0.